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Pamo Valley 6 Person Tent - $563.19

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Manufacturers Number: PV100
UPC: 721209031007
SKU: 45322

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Product Description

The Pamo Valley Tent is designed to provide a wide-open, airy feeling in good weather, as well as a dry and roomy environment when the weather turns nasty. PahaQue engineers its tents to pick up where most others leave off, to provide quality and performance you can count on, in any weather!

The Pamo Valley is engineered to combine function and innovation, bringing campers the best available in comfortable and versatile camping gear. The three plus season Pamo Valley tent comes in its own oversized nylon carrying bag (with adjustable shoulder strap) that provides easy storage after use.

Weighing in at just under 30 lbs., the Pamo Valley promises quick setup with shock corded aluminum poles. The tent's bathtub floor design is constructed with 6.5 oz. oxford coated fabric, and all seams are tape sealed for guaranteed waterproof performance.


ºFloor, rainfly and sidewall seams factory seam-taped for permanent waterproofness.
ºAdjustable removable mesh "gear loft" included.
ºRainfly includes a large awning (72" ht x 72" length x 104" width) for an outside sheltered seating area, or for extra storm protection.
ºLarge zipper door can be fully unzipped and utilized as an awning.


ºFloor Size: 120" x 120"
ºInside Height Minimum: 72" at sidewalls
ºInside Height Maximum: 93" at peak
ºZipper door dimensions:
ºLarge door: 72" height x 104" top width, tapers to 72" bottom width
ºSmall door: 72" height x 56" top width, tapers to 24" bottom width
ºSide window dimensions: 57" height x 72" bottom width, tapers to 41" top width
º"Bathtub Floor": Extends 3" up sidewall
º3 Season


ºPoles: 100% aluminum, 6061 alloy
ºOutside diameter: 0.875"
ºFloor fabric: 100% high tenacity nylon, 6.5 oz. 210 denier oxford with heavy-duty polyurethane waterproofing
ºRainfly, sidewalls and window fabrics: 100% high-tenacity 185T Polyester construction with heavy-duty polyurethane waterproofing
ºRoof, door and window mesh: Rugged 2.3 oz. poly-filament 75D polyester knit, "no-see-um"
ºPole sleeves: 100% polyester eyelet mesh, 4.5 oz, 150 denier
ºSpecial fabric treatments: All fabrics meet CPAI-84 standard for fire-retardancy. Rainfly, sidewalls, window and mesh fabric treated with U-V inhibitor.
ºZippers: Heavy-duty nylon coil with corrosion-resistant nickel sliders
ºWebbing and cordage: 100% nylon
ºGrommets: Nickel-plated brass

SKU: 45322

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Reviews for the PV100 PAMO VALLEY TENT
"We have a Pamo Valley tent and it has stood up to everything - we even had a funnel cloud of a twister go close to out campground this year but I did not touch down - the storm winds were still pretty bad - some other tents and sites got destroyed - but this Pamo Valley tent is really well designed it was still standing right where we left it. A couple tree limbs fell on it (about 2-3 inch diameter) and still it was OK - Other tents got ripped and soaked because of the twisting winds but ours was dry as a bone!"

Camper Family Thiebault
"out in it"

"I really love the Pamo Valley tent! My wife and I and doggy tried out the new tent over the Memorial Day weekend. We went to a favorite spot near Buena Vista CO, near the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Area. We were camped at about 9800 ft. in an open park that did not provide much wind protection. We arrived at dusk (no wind at the time of tent setup). I had purchased additional stakes from Ace Hardware (the 12" landscape nails). Tent setup went smooth and I double staked all corners of both the tent and the fly (bomber). The wind started about 2 hours into the evening and was relentless for the entire 3 day weekend. I have elk hunted in this area for 20 years and never remember consistent wind like we encountered. I had no quantitative way of measuring the avg. wind speed and gusts but I would estimate consistent 20-25 MPH winds with occasional 40+ mph gusts. I was able to pull my truck upwind from the tent as a bit of a block, but the tent still took some big wind hits. I was truly amazed that the tent endured the weekend. The stakes held true and the tent did not move from the original positioning. The construction of the reinforced stake corners of the tent is excellent. We cooked in the tent as there was no keeping a stove lighted outside. I experimented with trying to reduce the wind effects on the tent by allowing air flow through the mosquito netting and also by keeping the tent completely closed. There seemed to be little difference in tent movement either way. Sunday evening temps dropped into the high 20's. The open design of the top of the tent certainly kept the tent well ventilated. Bottom line, I was impressed with the well thought out design, quality construction, and room for two people plus dog plus 2 chairs and cooking/eating table. Nice job!"

Big Mike J.
Denver, CO

"I have used many different tents over the years and Paha Que's designs are by far the most advanced. The selection of materials, the way they pitch and stand, and the features of the designs all work together in a way that I've not found in any other manufacturer's products. I especially appreciate the way the product line models complement each other in a way that allows for the assembly of a complete campsite shelter system. Paha Que' is a true spirited leader in the field!"

Marc LeRoy
Southern CA.

"I own and run a pro cat-fishing guide service called Catdaddy Guide and Tour, a catfishin adventure. Well, heres my story, I entered a pro-catfish tournament in Havana, Il. on May 11th, 2008. Soon as we arrived we setup camp and started to do some pre-fishing. It rained most of the day and night. I was looking forward to some dry clothes and a good nights sleep, by the way we were in my Pamo Valley tent and what a tent it is. When they say at Paha Que' “quality is far more than an idle boast“, there not kidden around one bit. About 1:00 in the morning the wind was just a blowin, all of a sudden I heard someone hollar 'you guys in the tent get out of there and go for cover, there's a tornado on the other side of the river headin right for the camping area. You guys jump in and I will take you to the IGA store, you will be safe there'. About mid-morning we went back to camp, what was left of it, our tent was nowhere to be found. We went driving around and about two blocks away up in a tree I found my tent, the poles were bent real bad, what was left of them, but, to my surprise, when we got the tent down out of the tree, there was not one hole or rip in it. I told my buddy, 'now that's a tornado tough tent'."

RR "Catdaddy" Shumway
Topeka, KS

"Back from our first camping trip in our Pamo Valley tent. Great experience, it was fun watching others struggle putting up their tents for 30+ mins. while we put ours up in about 15! And we did it with 2 children. The tent itself was a pleasure to sleep in, being in South Florida all the window area made for a nice breeze throughout the tent during the night. Very satisfied!!"

R. E. Cutting
London, Ont. Canada

"My family used the Pamo Valley this past weekend up on Trinity Lake. Wow, after spending hundreds of nights as a Boy Scout in a canvas open floor tent that I hit my head on with each movement, the Paha Que' tent is a Cadillac! ……but I was even more impressed with the rain fly and general 'function' of the tent. Absolutely impressed with the overall quality everywhere. I really like those side mesh pockets and the outside access to them."

Barbara Johansson
Michigan UP