Available Now-The New PahaQue TentRug!

Introducing the New PahaQue TentRug which can be added as an accessory to your favorite PahaQue Family Tent. This new quality made product can be viewed on its product page here.

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Last Updated: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 2:09 PM

Outdoor InsightPahaQue has a new line of hammocks advertisement and product showcaseOutdoor InsightPahaQue is introducing a line of spacious, durable lightweight camping hammocks.PahaQue Named No.1 Camping Tent ManufacturerIf you want to know the performance value of a product, ask the people who use it. Sure, you can read ads or listen to a sales pitch from the manufacturer, but it's not the same as hearing from the folks who actually use it they know best.

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PahaQue Custom Shop

PahaQue Custom Shop produces high-quality, high-performance covers, awnings and tents for Camping Trailers. All PahaQue Custom Shop products are Built in the USA to the same high standards as our Tents and Shelters. Click here to learn more:

PahaQue's Custom Trailer Products

PahaQue Custom website - product specs, ordering information and more

Our Custom Trailer Covers

Our camping trailer covers are made from heavy weight materials, our trailer covers are made to fit your particular camper trailer.

Our Custom Trailer Awnings

Our awnings are designed for a classy look and easy set up. Put our awning up over your trailer door for shaded comfort.

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